In a politically heavy time, I’m wary to use the word “inaugural”

But that is what this is, really.  My inaugural blog post on this site.

When I was dreaming a little dream of me, typing out my thoughts and actually attempting to keep some sort of chronicle of my life, I wondered what I would call it, if I ever did do.  Titles are terribly important things, you know.  They either catch interest, or foster indifference, or, perhaps if you’re lucky, offend.

I thought about who I am.  Ellie.  Chelsea.  A junior in college, wavering on the brink of “real” life.  A philosophy major.  An anthropology major.  A peace studies major.  A girl who absolutely adores school and would rather read than sleep.  A bleeding heart who wants to save the world and has written so in her tasks in her planner.  A fan of orange Koolaid and copious amounts of coffee.  A complete and utter mess that can’t even match her socks in the morning–though the socks aren’t terribly important because they’re covered by such lovely shoes, most frequently.  A girl who swoons in an age where women don’t swoon anymore because they are too independent (honestly, though–show me Carey Grant working that wonderful voice and I’m gone).  I am a girl and I am, quite profoundly, me.

As I thought, the conception of my title began and it began with Charles Taylor, a philosopher.  I do believe he’s even still alive, which is rather marvelous since a philosophy student does not often study things that currently living people have written.  His essay What’s Wrong with Negative Liberty was written in response to Isaiah Berlin’s theory on what freedom is.  However, the content and meaning of both those works is not important here–what is important is what my teacher, Jack (who positively decimates me on a regular basis), told myself and my class after we read him and found him to be condescending and difficult to understand.  “We are not educated people,” he informed us as we perched in our desk chairs.  “Charles Taylor is an educated man and he is writing with the assumption that his audience is educated.”  And in this circumstance, they were not.

What a loaded statement that was!  Society is taught from such an early age that attending school is necessary in order for us to gain education–to become educated.  As a college student, surely I must be educated to some degree.  And perhaps I am; perhaps, I am gaining my education.  However, I’m inclined to believe Jack was right (I’ll concede on this point, at least).  I am not truly educated.  I’m just working to limit my ignorance.

These, therefore, are the uneducated thoughts of an educated girl.


~ by spim on October 10, 2008.

One Response to “In a politically heavy time, I’m wary to use the word “inaugural””

  1. Very interesting post. I look forward to reading more.


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